vendredi 5 septembre 2014


To all the BBOYS (from Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg)

Like each year, we would like to give the chance to anyone to participate in the BOTY's 1vs1 competition.

This year we are proud to announce that this qualification is a first step to the Famous UNDISPUTED event.

On the Saturday 20 September 2014, We invite you to join us at the CC DE MAALBEEK, rue du Cornet 97 - 1040 Brussels (Tel 02 / 734 84 43 - at noon (12h) for the registration. The Event will end at 17h to let everyone go to the Theater VARIA for the Big event (doors open 18h).

The Judges will select the best 13 BBoys (3 BBoys are already selected) and the Battle will take place in the Evening in the VARIA during the Main event.

The Entrance will be free and we ask all the BBOYS to be there on TIME !

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